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Domenica Cresap

Senior Client Director, Information Technology and Services

Hi, I'm Domenica Cresap. Welcome to my profile!

Domenica Cresap's Bio:

Domenica Cresap, the Senior Client Director at Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, brings a wealth of experience in IT and consulting to the position. Starting her work experience as General Manager and Business Investor at a local restaurant, she collected various work experiences in the areas of consulting and operational management over the next two decades that primed her for her current role. From there, she moved on to Pingree & Rakow LLC where she worked as a business partner for ten years, growing the company’s portfolio by more than $6 million. After a year as a business partner of Plote Inc., Domenica charted a new course in the field of data and information technology analysis as the Director of National  Solutions and Alliances at MetaScale LLC, which would define the direction of her career to this day.   Domenica Cresap had made a history of providing major companies with end-to-end to solutions to “big data” problems when she joined Gartner in 2014. Now, she works with Fortune 500 companies to deliver strategic and large-scale IT solutions. She consults IT integration plans herself and oversees problems at every level. Domenica takes it upon herself to internalize her clients problems, making them her own. She considers herself “a bit of a workaholic” but views this as an asset rather than a hindrance, as it drives her to work her hardest to provide tailored solutions and not stop until any problems are resolved.   To further her knowledge and credibility in IT consulting, Domenica Cresap takes advantage of any opportunity to learn from other professionals. She values IT conferences for allowing her to learn from world-class speakers and network with industry influencers. Gartner puts on dozens of high-level executive IT conferences every year, such as the Gartner Symposium, and Domenica makes an effort to attend each one. Through these conferences, she has had the opportunity to meet with executives from top 100 companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo and she’s listened world leaders such as the Secretary of Defense discuss the value of information technology. When Domenica is not busy with work or attending conferences, she makes time for her family and hobbies. Domenica Cresap is the proud mother of three wonderful children. She is also an avid cyclist and hiker. Domenica used to be a personal trainer, so fitness has always been an important part of her life. She bikes and hikes primarily for recreational purposes now though, valuing the way they allow her to visit new places and connect with new people.  

Domenica Cresap's Experience:

  • Senior Client Director at Gartner

  • Senior Account Manager at EMC

  • Direction National Solutions and Alliances at MetaScale LLC

  • Business Partner at Plote

  • Business Partner at Pingree & Rakrow, LLC

Domenica Cresap's Interests & Activities:

business development, information technology, transformation, enterprise management, consulting, hiking, cycling, fitness

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